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About Us

Hire4less, in partnership with holiday autos and travel extras, understands that most people are looking for 'value' and 'convenience' when it comes to car hire. Ultimately you don't want to spend a great deal of time and effort trawling around the web for information on suitable car hire and paying over the odds!

Simple and convenient

So we have produced an simple way of booking car rental, and can provide you with a wide range of vehicles, offering discounted prices and convenient locations.

To get a quick quote online or to make a booking, click on the link below. You can also email or call us on 0800 161 3390 with your details including dates, times and pick up point.

Money Saving Car Rental

Pre-booking your car hire ensures that the vehicle you want will be available, preventing the need for costly upgrades just because the car you want is sold out. Pre-booking your car hire also means that you can check exactly what costs are included before you pick-up your rental car.

Holiday Savings

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